The Boundary B404, a high-end outdoor speaker

The Leon Speakers Boundary B404 doesn't look anything like a typical plastic rock outdoor speaker, and it was designed to sound great.

The Leon Boundary B404 speaker, shown with and without the grille. Leon Speakers

Outdoor speakers are a little out of my area of expertise, and most of the ones I've seen at shows look like plastic rocks. Leon Speakers' Boundary B404 is definitely a big step up from those sorts of things.

The B404 sports a gorgeous solid mahogany cabinet inspired by Chris Craft's classic Thunderbird boats. Right now there's just one model in the Boundary line, the B404.

Measuring a tidy 16.75x6.75x6 inches it's small enough not to call too much attention to itself, but big enough to house two 4-inch aluminum woofers and a 1-inch aluminum/magnesium dome tweeter. A slightly larger model with 6-inch woofers is in the works, and a Boundary sound bar may be added in the future.

The B404 was designed to be used with a subwoofer, like Leon's A10-UT. Leon also makes amplifiers, but you could use an AV receiver with a set of B404s. While they can be used anywhere outdoors, the B404 was primarily designed for use in somewhat open, covered outdoor spaces, such as a patio or a pool house.

Leon Speakers was founded in 1995 in Ann Arbor, Mich. The speakers are all designed and built in the U.S.; the company can produce custom-finished, made-to-order speakers in less than a week! Leon offers a full line of on- and in-wall speakers, home theater, and now with the Boundary Series, outdoor speakers.

The B404 speaker retails for $2,200 (each). Check the Leon Speakers Web site to find a dealer or custom installer near you.

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