The Bill Gates interview in video

Microsoft chairman tells CNET's Ina Fried what he's learned in the past year. We've broken the half-hour interview up into five video segments.

SEATTLE--When it comes to his foundation work, Bill Gates has plenty to say. In addition to his 17-page annual letter (PDF), the Microsoft chairman sat down with CNET's Ina Fried to talk about what he's learned in the past year. Here, we've broken the half-hour interview up into five segments, based on topic.

The full interview, in written form, can alsobe found here.

Bill Gates on why he's 'fired up'
In the first part of a wide-ranging interview, the philanthropist and Microsoft chairman talks about innovation and how the future is bleak without it.


Gates on the lessons of his travels
Gates says his travels to India and Africa have both reignited his passions and challenged some of his assumptions about things like vaccination and adult circumcision.


On taking online classes
No, Gates isn't working on his bachelor's degree, but, he says he is an avid viewer of online classes from MIT and elsewhere. Such classes have the potential to transform higher education, he says.


Gates tries his hand at tweeting, blogging
Microsoft's chairman says he's excited to once again have a public online presence and plans to post new items to his Web site several times a week.


On the need for carbon-neutral energy source
Gates says the poor need a carbon-neutral energy source even more than the rich, as they are feeling the brunt of high energy prices and the effects of climate change.

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