The all-in-one 'Q' gets a price: $10,000

The 42-inch HDTV has a 3-terabyte PC built in.


Back in October a North Carolina start-up called Lumenlab caused a bit of a stir when photos of its "Q" were making the rounds, depicting an awfully fetching uber-machine that boasted a 42-inch 1080p HDTV and a fully integrated PC with a terabyte of storage. But little else was known about the mystery box.

Now the company has posted some actual specs--including the price: $10,000. So what does ten grand get you? All of the above, plus 4GB of memory, an overclocked Intel Quad Core Qx9650 processor, and an overclocked XLR8 GeForce 8800 Ultra graphics card with "a monstrous 768MB of super fast GDDR3 memory." Oh, and 3 terabytes of storage on the hard drive instead of the 1 previously mentioned.

Housing all this technology is a handmade aluminum frame that measures only 3.5 inches thick. You can also get the "Qmax" with a touch screen for an additional cost of $1,500. It's actually kind of surprising that they didn't just make this a standard feature because, at these price levels, who's counting?

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