The 404 Podcast 529: Where Caroline McCarthy shows us her Dopplr feed

It's been far too long between visits, but CNET reporter Caroline McCarthy is back in NYC and joins our sewing circle today on The 404 Podcast.

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It's been far too long between visits, but CNET reporter Caroline McCarthy is back in New York and joins our sewing circle today on The 404 Podcast. Lately it's been difficult to track down our favorite jet-setter, so Caroline's Dopplr feed comes in handy for locating her.

We start things off with a chat about Caroline's recent travels and why "Up in the Air" brought tears to her eyes. CMC tells us about her two favorite airlines and the luxurious amenities offered to those special travelers who can somehow find a way to sneak in to the executive lounge. We had no idea airports have showers, and we're starting to scheme on how we can match her frequent flier miles.

This is Caroline McCarthy on a better show than ours.

On the topic of movies, movie-goers might be thrilled or crushed to hear that a "Zoolander" sequel is in the works. Ben Stiller and writer Justin Theroux are both back for the next movie, but my fellow hosts are disappointed to learn that Jonah Hill is close to getting signed to play the villain.

More disappointing news: Owen Wilson has yet to confirm his reprisal of Hansel, who might or might not be so hot right now. However, the entire conversation gets derailed when Caroline drops a bomb on the studio and makes a polarizing comparison to the original "Zoolander" that has Jeff reaching for the mute button.

Caroline also tells us about the wacky citizens of Topeka, Kan., unofficially changing the city's name to "Google" in a sell-out move to be the first city to test Google's fiber-optic technology . As pathetic as it sounds, I guess anything is better than ToPikachu. Also, a side note: you need to click this to witness Caroline's master MS Paint skills. Who needs Photoshop?

The big story in the tech and entertainment world today is "The Daily Show" and "Colbert Report" getting yanked from Hulu after the two couldn't reach an agreement over extended rights from Comedy Central and its parent company, Viacom. Fans of the shows can still watch full episodes on, but Wilson and Caroline have their own predictions for their final destinations.



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