The 404 768: Where Charlie Sheen WINS an Apple iPad 2 (podcast)

Apple will announce the next iPad 2 today, so imagine our surprise when all Wilson wants to talk about is Charlie Sheen joining Twitter! There may be hope for our Apple suckling fanboy just yet...


Apple will announce the next iPad 2 today , so imagine our surprise when all Wilson wants to talk about is Charlie Sheen joining Twitter! There may be hope for our Apple suckling fanboy just yet...

The rumors fluttering around the next iPad are growing, with the latest batch wondering about a MobileMe update that will allow streaming media to iOS devices.

This isn't the first time we've predicted this upgrade, but a new rumor claims that an Apple employee has said today's update will indeed allow all media including music, TV shows, and iTunes-purchased movies to stream in the cloud. Since you still can't iTunes on multiple computer libraries without a clever workaround , this could be a huge boon for the next iPad.

But you just want an iPad to consume news and watch movies, it may make more sense to either wait a month for a first generation iPad price drop or wait until the end of a year, when a third generation iPad may surface with more significant upgrades. Either way, we're done with the Apple rumor mongering for today.

Moving onto the more important news of the day (to Wilson), @CharlieSheen has finally joined the Twitterverse and is adding friends at an astonishing rate of 2,000 followers a minute.

Business developers, marketing professional, and public relations experts should take note of his social media strategy: your first tweet better have porn stars, or the Internet ain't interested.

We feel the worst for Duckie aka Not Charlie Sheen, though- poor guy couldn't catch a break with Andie in the 80s, and he's still getting screwed in whatever you call this decade.

More impressive is the amount of Sheen-y memes spreading around the Web in what seems like real time. Our favorites include the Sheen Family Circus, Clean Sheen, and Sheen's craziest quotes presented by adorable bunnies.

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