The 404 618: Where push the eject button (podcast)

Both Natali Del Conte and Jill Schlesinger join the show today to talk all sorts of mischief, and what an apropos day, because we have gifts!


Both Natali Del Conte and Jill Schlesinger join the show today to talk all sorts of mischief, and what an apropos day because we have gifts! That's right, our good friend Joe from Hawaii sent in wooden plaques of our beloved 404 stickers, and they look fantastic.

As you can see, Natali is very pregnant and might pop any day. If you ask her, the New York City heat wave is not only crushing Con Ed; it's not helping her mood. Jill and all the women in the office are jealous, though, that she manages to keep her glow.

Natali Del Conte and The 404 Podcast Plaque.
Hipsta-Natali. CBS Interactive/Wilson G. Tang

When we finally stop talking about plaques and babies, Jeff has a real finance question to pose to Jill about where he should stash his money. Wilson suggests the People's Republic of China; Jill thinks it doesn't matter. Interest rates are apparently so low that you might as well stash your cash underneath your mattress.

Jill Schlesinger on the CBS Early Show.
Hipsta-Jill. CBS Interactive/Wilson G. Tang

We're excited to find out that Conan O'Brien has received an Emmy nomination for "The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien." While we're very excited about it, does it have anything to do with the timing of the handover? We hope Conan gets what he deserves!

Jeff thinks that "True Blood" doesn't deserve the critical attention it's been getting, but "Glee" and "Modern Family" are well-deserving. We're surprised by the gritty shows getting nominated as well.

Again, check out friend of the show Laurie Pila Horowitz's food festival Meatopia in New York City. For 404 listeners, we've got a special treat for you! Enter in promo code 404BBQ at the festival's page, and get 25 percent off tickets. As usual, to leave a callback or a message, call us! The number is 1-866-404-CNET (2638).



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