The 404 603: Where we cram it up your vuvuzela (podcast)

Nothing ruins a soccer game faster than 40,000 fans blowing their hardest into the most annoying toy ever created: the vuvuzela. Here's how to get rid of that sound forever.


Jeff's skipped out on yesterday's show to cover the press conferences at E3, but he's back today and excited about the Nintendo 3DS, the first portable 3D gaming system on the scene. It might look like a DSi, but the 3DS actually has major graphical enhancements that allow for 3D gameplay, including dual lenses on the outside of the clamshell for 3D photos and a depth slider that lets you adjust the effect to your personal preference.

And, of course, a console is only as good as the games you can play on it, and an impressive list of 24 game developers are already introducing 3D titles for the handset, including new versions of Paper Mario, Starfox, and Mario Kart.

Sony announced more details about its PlayStation Move and a new Gran Turismo game in 3D, but Jeff explains it all much better than I can, so be sure to tune in for more news from the show. Also, head over to CNET's exclusive E3 page for first take videos, slideshows, and all kinds of news from the showroom floor.

Hey, stop that.

Nothing ruins a soccer game faster than 40,000 fans blowing their hardest into the most annoying toy ever created: the vuvuzela. If you haven't heard the plastic horns in action, click here, turn the volume up to 11, and you'll experience a very subtle version of what it feels like to be in the stadium.

Thankfully, there is a way to eliminate the irritating noise from your Samsung television. Twitter user @Cliff discovered that dropping the 300Hz channel and raising the adjacent levels in the equalizer can effectively tone down the vuvuzela.

You can also buy an Anti Vuvuzela Filter that emits a sound on the same wavelength as the vuvuzela but with an inverted phase that cancels it out. Since World Cup organizers refuse to ban the horns, check out those options and let us know if you find a better solution.

We've also got plenty of commentary about yesterday's iPhone 4 preordering bungle and a hilarious story about a couple of dummies who offered to trade a quarter of the devil's lettuce and a used iPod Touch in exchange for an iPad, so check it out, and thanks for listening!


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