The 404 601: Where we try to Kinect the dots (podcast)

Our reluctant guest on today's episode of The 404 Podcast is Jeff's FIFTH Xbox 360 that's finally succumbed to the infamous "Red Ring of Death."


Our reluctant guest on today's episode of The 404 Podcast is Jeff's FIFTH Xbox 360 that's finally succumbed to the infamous "red ring of death." Luckily, the little guy is still covered for another month under Microsoft's original 3-year warranty, but everyone else might want to hold off on buying one because ads for the new Xbox 360 "Slim" are causing a stir at this week's E3 proceedings.

The most noticeable difference is obviously the Alienware-esque design, replete with sharp angles, built-in Wi-Fi, and a 250GB hard drive. Critics are also speculating that the next evolution of the console could also include Project Natal, Microsoft's motion control accessory that just received a name change: Kinect.

Thousands of people swarmed the company's USC's Galen Center last night to watch a demonstration of the hands-free experience that even included a performance by Cirque De Soleil, but we're still left wondering if the gaming world really needs another motion control add-on. Wii gets a pass because it still involves a physical controller, but the previews of Kinect make the demonstrators look like mimes on drugs--when will it end?

The add-on formerly known as Project Natal Microsoft

Appleheads across the country will preorder the new iPhone 4 tomorrow , but the question remains about what to do with your old handset. Since Apple dropped the price of the 8GB iPhone 3GS to just $99, your best bet is to use a service like Gazelle that pays you premium dollar for your used electronics, as long the device is in working condition with the original cables.

The amount of cash you get is directly related to resale value, so you should get on it as soon as possible to ensure the most cash. They'll even send you a box with postage paid! See you at Best Buy...



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