The 404 588: Where the pain in Spain is mainly a stock market drain (podcast)

Jill Schlesinger of CBS MoneyWatch is back on the show today to talk to us about all things financial and technological in only a way that Aunt Jill can.

Jill Schlesinger

Jill Schlesinger of CBS MoneyWatch is back on the show today to talk to us about all things financial and technological in a way that only Aunt Jill can.

First up, we get to Twitter and social networks. A few weeks ago, Jill met with our bosses upstairs and the first question out of their mouths wasn't "How are you doing?" but rather, "have you broken a thousand Twitter followers?" Strange times that Twitter followers equals your worth to the company, but it's true. If you want to help Jill, you can follow her at @jillonmoney. While you're at it, follow us at @the404, or you can follow us individually at @rhapsodyartist, @malusbrutus, and @jeffbakalar. (Jeff was the only one you made it easy.)

Did you know that you can retire at age 50 in Greece? Apparently that and massive public debt has caused the economic crisis in Europe that is affecting us all the way across the pond in the U.S. If you're wondering who to blame for the loss in your retirement fund, you can blame the Greeks and their Trojan horses.

If you work for the consulting firm Accenture, you can blame computers and super geniuses called "quants" for watching your company stock drop from $40 to just a single penny! Jill said that computer models set up to analyze the market fell a bit into a feedback loop, causing the market to plunge a thousand points in just 20 minutes. Trillions of dollars of market capitalization was lost because some computer nerds thought they were smarter than you.

After the break, we get to some questions from the chatroom. We have to warn you the first question is a bit heavy, and boy did it make the guys feel like we were way behind in life. At the age of 33, Dana already has a ton of property, no debt, and had money to invest. Meanwhile, we're still looking forward to 30 more years of student loans to pay off. Finally, Jill answers the most important question of all, "How do you make a lot of cash really quickly?" She's got an answer for you in the last few seconds of the show, so be sure to check it out.



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