The 404 585: Where we're having a 4G with the HTC Evo (podcast)

Three's a crowd and four's a party, but what do you call five tech geeks and an HTC Evo in a frozen meat locker? We'll just call it a 4G (pronounced fourgie) until we come up with something better.

CNET Editor Bonnie Cha with the HTC Evo 4G from Sprint CNET/The 404

Three's a crowd and four's a party, but what do you call five tech geeks and an HTC Evo in a frozen meat locker? We'll just call it a 4G (pronounced fourgie) until we come up with something better. It's officially time for another Natali Del Conte Thursday, but we also have CNET smartphone expert Bonnie Cha in the studio to tell us all about her full review of the HTC Evo 4G from Sprint.

Bonnie just got back from a short trip to Philadelphia to test out Sprint's 4G network, since the limited coverage hasn't extended to major cities like New York just yet. When the phone is released to the public on June 4, other users outside of the coverage area will likely have similar complaints, especially since Sprint is charging a mandatory $10 premium data add-on just to use the phone. That's definitely unfair, but service gripes aside, Bonnie confidently tells us that the Evo is Sprint's best smartphone and one of today's top Android devices; the keyword here is "today," since another Android device is likely to appear before the 2010 holiday season.

In terms of hardware, the handset is slightly larger than the Apple iPhone, thanks to its 4.3-inch capacitive touch screen and is made even more beautiful by the active home screen wallpapers. Like the iPhone, it also has a convenient light sensor that adjusts the backlight according to the amount of ambient light. The Evo is also one of the first smartphones to get an integrated HDMI port that lets you hook up and stream HD YouTube Videos to your HDTV.

And we would be remiss to skip over the most important innovation on the device: the kickstand. A sturdy metal arm folds flush into the Evo while not in use, and popping it out makes it easy to watch movies and read e-mails hands-free. Take that, Apple.

Ultimately Bonnie gave the HTC Evo an overall score of 8.3, or four "excellent" stars, which makes Jeff a very happy camper. The phone is available for preorder now with a two-year contract (as well as a data plan) for $200 at Best Buy and Radio Shack.

This is what New Yorkers have to deal with to get their hands on Trader Joe's mixed nuts Cooltown Studios

Before you get too excited and rush off to "The Shack," be sure to stick around for the second half of today's episode for a riotous Calls From the Public. One seriously disturbed listener tell us about his bizarre dream involving The 404 in a supermarket, which leads into a group discussion about grocery shopping in New York City.

With the massive hordes of self-promoting "foodies" busting out of every Trader Joe's in Manhattan, you'd think a magical carnival ride and a beehive of cotton candy would await you at the end, but no--those are just Terra Blue potato chips...bummer!

Tell all your friends, virtual and physical, that CNET's own Molly Wood will join us on the show and int the studio tomorrow! Unfortunately she's battling through a flu right now, but we'll bring her a lot of Sudafed to get her to dish on all the celebrities she met at last night's CBS Upfronts presentation. Tune in to find out which famous celebrity is currently in possession of Molly's



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