The 404 341: Where we like Natali a-latte

Wilson Tang back in the house today along with the lovely and ever-gracious Natali Del Conte. She's just come back from her vacation, and we find out how she stalked Tom Hanks from the film "Angels and Demons."

Wilson Tang is back in the house today, along with the lovely and ever-gracious Natali Del Conte. She's just come back from her vacation, and we find out how she stalked Tom Hanks from the film "Angels & Demons" (check out her Loaded piece this Thursday). And Justin disappears from his first ever hate-on during the show.

Watch out boys. Natali Del Conte/CNET

On today's show, we've got Wilson Tang backers calling to defend the man. Lots of e-mails as well from supporters, who think finding out Tyler Perry is in a movie is about as much of a non-spoiler as you can get. But if you really want spoilers, check out Wilson's lastest Tumblr post, where he finds many faults in the new "Star Trek."

In more stories from the Interwebs, Craigslist has finally acquiesced to state attorneys general, who wanted the erotic service section taken down . Now, a new section will appear, which will be moderated by Craigslist employees. We think it's too bad that all it took was one bad apple to ruin it for everyone. Now, Jeff has to find a new side job.

Speaking of bad apples, Microsoft has been running these "Laptop Hunter" ads on television, and Apple comes back with its own "Megan" ad. We just think it's hilarious that these customers end up buying a 10-pound monster with a 22-inch screen. Wilson thinks it's even funnier that a "filmmaker" would buy a PC to edit her film on. What's she going to use? Windows Movie Maker? Come on, if you can afford Avid, the price difference between a Mac and a PC is trivial.

Natali's best contribution to the show today is that she says the words "penis phone" on air and teaches us the Spanish slang for "schlong." Apparently, Venezuela's leftist president Hugo Chavez is releasing a government-subsidized cell phone named after a certain male body part. It's because of the vibration function we suspect.

Finally, "404" shows up in some of the most random places. Check this out. It's a demolished building with a 404 sign. Be sure to send in your favorite 404 signs around the world at the404 (at) cnet (dot) com. Or drop us a voice mail with more Wilson love at 1-866-404-CNET (2638).


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