The 404 170: Where we brush our teeth with roast beef

Wilson can't make it to the show again due to his ongoing illness, so everyone send us a voice mail wishing our buddy well wishes and a speedy return back to The 404!

Wilson can't make it to the show again because of his ongoing illness, so everyone send us a voice mail wishing our buddy well wishes and a speedy return back to The 404! Dan the Mantern takes time out of his busy schedule of doughnut runs and paper stapling to fill in and give us some laughs on this overcast Monday. We recap our weekend adventures, talk about the dangers of kidnapping a virtual lion, send our condolences to the hungry worker bees at Google, protect ourselves from exploding iPods, and perform reveal the first ever sushi DNA test!

First thing we do every Monday is recap our weekend adventures. This weekend, I visited a few friends in Beantown USA, home of hockey rivalries, several ivy league universities, and the mammoth Brontosaurus burger, seen here. My buddies threw a BBQ in the front yard of their house (weird, I haven't actually been inside a house in awhile) and grilled up these huge burgers- I swear, for a second there I thought they had found the remains of Bigfoot in a cooler. Jeff tells us about his mini vacation boat party on the Jersey Shore, and Dan just makes us feel old.

Speaking of young love, the first story of today's show is about Second Life, everyone's favorite home away from home. A woman was caught breaking into her virtual ex-boyfriend's house, tying up his dog, and attempting to taze him into submission. To top off an already ridiculous story, the 55-year-old ex-boyfriend's character in Second Life is a lion. Yeah, he wasn't even human. You know your life is going down the toilet when you can't even hold down a virtual relationship with a giant cat. The woman is charged with breaking and entering and attempted assault; the judge sentenced her to 50+ years of real life.

Many more hilarious stories on today's episode including a lengthy discussion about the worst bands in the history of music (POD, Nickelback, and Creed to name a few), exploding iPods, and sushi DNA testing.


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Justin Yu covers headphones and peripherals for CNET. When he's not wading through Web gulch or challenging colleagues to typing tests, you can find him making fun of technology with Jeff Bakalar every afternoon on The 404 show.


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