The 404 166: Where we're invaded by the girls

On today's show, we're joined by two of the girls from! Wilson's sick, but he misses out on an insane show filled with the girls drooling over Michael Phelps.

On today's show, we're joined by two of the girls from! Wilson's sick, but he misses out on an insane show filled with the girls drooling over Michael Phelps, even more slanted eye pictures, Nintendo bikinis, Apple store nightmares, and a possible meetup!? Listen for more details!

Wilson can't make it to the show today so we replace him with two of the fantastic ladies from! "Broadway Baby" Hillary and "Soho Hot" Amanda are a real treat to have in the studio, especially for the preshow...did someone say Cher?! If you haven't checked out the Web site, go and see what New York has to offer; there's restaurant reviews, a theater box office, tourist guides, and their newest project, City of Fame. Go check it out and submit your best video impression of John McCain or Barack Obama for a chance to win a cash prize! Their store also features a ton of items to show off your N.Y. pride, including housewares, baby bibs, and even a thong! Skalllliieee!

The girls start the show by gushing over Michael Phelps, that scandalously clad swimmer with a cut, but freakishly odd body. Whatever the reason might be, Hillary and Amanda definitely aren't the only ones that love watching Phelps work it out in the pool, but his low cut suits and 37-pack abs are gaining notoriety. It might just be jealousy, but that swimsuit is borderline NSFW; I'm trying to think if I'd really want my preteen daughter watching this guy cut it up on TV. Whatever the case, if the girls want to see more Phelps, they're going to get more Phelps!

And speaking of bathing suits, check out this one It's a two piece bathing suit with the original Nintendo buttons strategically placed over certain areas...I'd like to say that this was a good idea, but I just can't imagine many women buying this suit and wearing it to the beach. Just imagine the type of guy you'd attract--is that really the attention you want? From a drooling, greasy, pale faced kid that wants nothing more than to press the "start" button? If that's what you wanted, just come on The 404 already.

We also get an excellent e-mail from our buddy Tony, who offers to donate a few of his older PS2 games to the Get Justin Into Video Games Foundation! Jeff's going to give me his extra PS2 console this week, so be sure to tune in to help us schedule my next homework assignment and hear my take on the games you probably played over four years ago. Thanks Tony!

Listen or watch the show below to hear the girls' take on the Muxtape bust, the 'N Sync bubble burst, naughty chat room comments, and Apple store mania!


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