The 404 1,148: Where we all get a little closer (podcast)

With Justin Yu out of town, Jeff invites gaming industry all-stars Russ Frushtick and Scott Jones on the show for an entire show dedicated to the state of gaming, Dishonored, Wii U, and the fall lineup.

If you're a gamer or at least marginally interested in videogames, today's show is for you. With Justin Yu out of town for the day, Jeff invited gaming industry all-stars Russ Frushtick (Polygon) and Scott Jones (EP Daily) to take on a handful of gaming-related topics. Laughs were had, tears were shed, but at the end of the day we all got a little closer.

Topics from today's show:

- Scott is really digging Fieldrunners 2.

- If there's one thing we're all in agreement on, it's that Dishonored is already a top 3 game of 2012 -- and that Russ' new nickname is "Ghost."

- Will Need For Speed: Most Wanted finally give us the Burnout-esque game we've been asking for?

- What the hell is going to happen with the Wii U?

- Just how Assassin's Creed-y will Assassin's Creed III be?

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After you've done that, watch Scott on EP Daily and Russ on Polygon's Cooperatives!


Episode 1,148

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