The 404 1,059: Where Facebook fizzles and we're happier for it (podcast)

Aunt Jill joins us today to tell us what went wrong with the Facebook IPO and how a glitch and a change put the stock in a downward spiral.

The Chive

Last time Jill Schlesinger was here, she advised all our listeners to be patient and wait to see how the Facebook IPO would react to the hype machine leading up to last Friday's open trading. Two weeks later, we hope you listened, or you may have lost some money.

Maybe not as much as Zuckerberg eating $2 billion, but either way you should tune into today's episode as Aunt Jill explains the two debacles that sent Facebook into a downward financial spiral.

Everyone needs an Aunt Jill, right? She'll answer a few of our listeners' questions this morning, but you can still send yours through to, and be sure to tune into Jill's own podcast, Jill On Money!


Episode 1,059

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