The 404 1,030: Where bubble is a bad word (podcast)

CBS Moneywatch Editor "Aunt" Jill Schlesinger returns to the show just in time for tax day. She'll answer our readers' questions about credit cards, debt, and financial planning software, and she'll also tell us what to do when we hit the next Mega Millions lottery!

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Aunt Jill Schlesinger of CBS Moneywatch and Jill on Money is back in the studio today answering all your financial questions and helping us make sense of Facebook's $1 billion purchase of Instagram.

She also gets heated with another social network -- LinkedIn. We'll collectively discover the perils of stalking your ex-coworkers on the site and why an active profile on LinkedIn is kind of like cheating on your current employer.

In light of the recent Mega Millions jackpot reaching an estimated $640 million, Jill also helps us decide what to do with the money, if it ever happens again. Pay attention if you don't want the winnings to ruin your life, and listen up as Jill establishes a solid financial plan to manage the money!


Episode 1,030


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