The 404 1,029: Where we're never going on a cruise (podcast)

Leaked from today's 404: Rumors of MySpace buying Hipstamatic, a countrywide "where'd I put my phone" database, touch screens barking street deals at passers-by in New York City, and reminding ourselves why we stopped reading Maxim at the turn of the century.


There are few words to describe people that don't know that the movie "Titanic" was actually based on a real Titanic, and even fewer to describe the bravado in tweeting about that ignorance, but Jeff musters a few adjectives.

On today's episode, we'll cover the $1 billion Instagram buyout and what you can expect to change once Facebook takes over, all four major U.S. wireless carriers joining forces to create a "lost my phone" database, smart touch-screen displays replacing payphones in New York City, and the shaky future of Best Buy and its former CEO.


Episode 1,029

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