The 404 1,011: Where we go bump in the night (podcast)

Leaked from The 404 1,011: Zombie melee team picks, new iPad review roundups, laser un-printers, and the 15 most popular faces on Facebook.


The iPad reviews are in, and today we'll take a closer study of the common complaints made by tech pundits around the Web. Collective criticisms run from the lack of FaceTime over LTE to longer charging time and juice for the larger battery to a 7 percent thickness increase over the previous model.

It's not all about Apple, though. We'll also tell you about how a home-energy monitoring Android app helped a father bust his teenage daughter's secret Project-X house party, show off a laser un-printer that could help save the trees, and examine a Kickstarter campaign to fund an iPhone case with a built-in wall plug!

Leaked from The 404 Podcast 1,011:


Episode 1,011

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