The 30 most-anticipated games of 2012

CNET's gaming expert lists the 30 games you need to have your eye on in 2012.

Irrational Games

With my best and worst games of 2011 behind us, it's time to look to the future at what 2012 will hold.

In an effort to avoid inaccuracies, I've compiled the chronological list based on the best release date information possible. Any game scheduled for a 2013 release (see Rainbow 6: Patriots) has been deliberately left off the list.

To see the games, click here or on one of the images below to go straight to the slideshow .

Feeling nostalgic? Go back in time and check out 2011's and 2010's most anticipated games and then gleefully laugh to yourself while counting all the titles that have either evaporated entirely or still have yet to be released. Odds are, some of the latter have found their way into this compilation.

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Xbox 360 & PS3

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