The $140,000 loudspeakers

Uses 'magic dust' technology


Yes, we know. Life as a media technophile can be so tiring sometimes.

It took forever for you to find the right home theater projector, but persistence paid off because you snagged a $10,000 model for only $99,995. And then there's the $150,000 turntable you stumbled across at a neighborhood garage sale.

But what, praytell, will you do about speakers? Apple industrial designer Ross Lovegrove has just the answer for you with his "Muon" masterpiece, which goes for a mere $140,000 a pair. These auditory wonders employ a technology that "doubles the available volume through absorption of air molecules by activated carbon--aka 'magic dust' by the audio industry," Pocket-lint says.

Shockingly, this is a limited edition--only 100 pairs have been made. Perhaps that's because British manufacturer KEF ran out of space: Each Muon is 7 feet tall. Given the speakers' "super-formed aluminum" casing and Evard Munch-looking curved design, the warehouse must look like something like a cross between a modern art museum and an alien rave.

But no matter, for your uber-media center is now complete, and no buyer remorse is necessary. Wait... What's this thing they call "La Sphere"?

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