Tesla kills 40 kWh battery for Model S over 'lack of demand'

The company says there was a general "lack of demand" for the smaller battery pack, thus deeming it unnecessary.


The 40 kWh battery option that was offered to Tesla Model S customers won't be put into production after all.

Tesla announced the news yesterday, saying that its decision was made after it witnessed a "lack of demand" for the 40 kWh (kilowatt-hours) battery. Just 4 percent of those who ordered the Tesla S asked for the smaller battery pack.

Tesla, an electric carmaker, said that customers who ordered the 40 kWh option will get a 60 kWh pack instead. However, to keep the price down to the same level as the 40 kWh option, the better battery pack's range will be "software limited to 40 kWh." Those who want to upgrade to the full 60 kWh option will have to do so upon request.

Battery packs are big deals when it comes to electric cars. A larger pack means more range and fewer charges. Larger packs, however, come with an additional cost that some customers don't want to take on.

The Tesla Model S sedan starts at $52,400, and goes up to $72,400 for the 85 kWh option. The 40 kWh battery would have provided only 160 miles of range on a single charge. The 60 kWh pack has 230 miles of range.

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