TenantMarket is like dating, for landlords

Want to find a new place to live? Are you looking for somebody to come rent with you? Meet TenantMarket, a matchmaking service for finding living spaces and tenants to live in them.

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Moving can be a strange experience. Even stranger are the people you meet along the way. TenantMarket is a new service that plays matchmaker for both landlords and potential tenants in an attempt to avoid potentially bad living situations. You simply give TenantMarket details like length of employment, credit status, and reasons for moving, and it will match you up accordingly.

Landlords pay to have their listings matched up, and the system provides them with a fresh set of "leads" to contact. Likewise, potential renters are e-mailed personalized offers about new places that match their criteria. It's like having a real estate agent, but for apartments.

I'm digging the idea, but in some ways I think it's going to be hard to ween people off of the classifieds model. If you're planning to move and have time, it's a great free service to try. But if you're looking for instant gratification, and want to avoid the waiting game, Craigslist and your local newspaper offer faster results.

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