Televisions seen at CES 2014

From 4K to curved and bendable: The televisions of CES caught on camera.

LAS VEGAS -- Televisions have already made a huge splash at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. Samsung unveiled the world's largest curved UHD TV as well as an 85-inch bendable LED TV, while Sony promoted 4K resolution at an affordable price for everyone. Check out these unveilings and more in our video roundup. And continue to check back for more additions to our list as the show goes on!

CNET's TV reviewers talk the most notable screens of CES 2014
From curved LEDs to 120-inch behemoths to Chinese brands with Roku built in, our experts pick apart latest and greatest TVs that will appear this year.

LG's 105-inch TV boasts a '5K' panel
A quirky aspect ratio on a truly massive TV, and a curved panel too. Check out our First Look at this sense-defying TV.

Concept 8K TV shown in Samsung's booth
If 4K just isn't quite sharp enough for you, check out Samsung's 8K demo TV. It's huge and higher-res, but won't be a real product anytime soon.

Samsung's bendable TV
Can't decide between a curved TV or a flat one? Samsung has both covered with its new bendable display.

LG's flexible OLED TV bends at your command
This concept TV can switch between curved and flat, and looks gorgeous to boot.

Sony X900B 4K TV flaunts funky design, built-in sound
Sony's second-tier 4K TV doesn't stock a full-array panel, but its extra features make it a hot contender.

A look at Samsung's curved 105-inch UHD TV
David Katzmaier takes a look at the world's first curved UHD TV at CES 2014.

Vizio: We've made the best TV in the world?
TV makers routinely boast about picture quality, but when a claim like "Best TV in the World" comes from a company like Vizio -- best known for its bargain boob tubes -- it seems especially far-fetched.

LG 4K Curved OLED on sale this year
Check out our video of a curved 4K TV you'll soon be able to actually buy.

Samsung demonstrates better glasses-free 3D TV
A concept 4K resolution 3D TV in Samsung's booth created the illusion of a third dimension better than before, and doesn't require you to watch from a particular seating position.

Roku TV
Roku brings its user interface and its unmatched library of streaming channels to new TV sets from TCL and Hisense for 2014.

A look at Samsung's H8000 curved 1080p television
At CES 2014 David Katzmaier takes a look at the H8000 series, Samsung's flagship TV for 2014.

Samsung's crazy UNS9 4K TV series adds 110-inch size
The 85-inch member of this billionaire-level TV series has been out for a while, and we know most of the details already: $40,000 price tag, 4K resolution, crazy easel-type stand, Now the 110-inch size is official, although the price still isn't. Six figures, anyone?

Vizio P series 4K LED LCD goes full-array
Big V's first shipping foray into 4K, or Ultra High Definition, the P promises to bring all those extra pixels at a price

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