TeleNav pulls the trigger on Shotgun updates

TeleNav brings new features to its connected GPS, the TeleNav Shotgun, including mileage tracking and business reviews.

TeleNav Shotgun
Corinne Schulze/CBS Interactive

On Tuesday, location-based service provider TeleNav released new features for its connected portable-navigation device, the TeleNav Shotgun. The added functionalities include a mileage tracker and the capability to check ratings and reviews for points of interest (POI), such as restaurants, hotels, and so forth.

The Mileage Capture tool was designed with business users in mind so that they can track their miles and record them for any clients or jobs. You can capture your mileage on a specific route or from any user-specified start and end point. Once you return to your office or home, you can then connect the Shotgun to your PC (via USB cable) to view and download reports as Microsoft Word or PDF files.

The feature that we're particularly happy about is the POI reviews. We knocked the lack of this capability in our original review of the TeleNav Shotgun, since we think it's one of the benefits of having a connected PND, so we're glad to see this addition. You'll now be able to check out reviews for a variety of POI, including the aforementioned restaurants and hotels, but also stores, museums, and more. In addition, you'll be able to add your own reviews and ratings right from the GPS.

The new features are part of the TeleNav Connected Service, and current Shotgun owners who have subscribed to that service will receive an over-the-air message alerting them to the update. We'll be checking out the new capabilities ourselves, so check back soon for an updated review.

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