Teen boasts on YouTube before bank robbery arrest

Police in Nebraska arrest a teen in connection with a bank robbery -- and then discover that she posted a video about, well, robbing a bank.

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I have never robbed a bank, but some people find it invigorating.

Different people find different ways of expressing invigoration. So it may well be that one of them -- at least in the case of 19-year-old Hannah Sabata -- involves making a YouTube video boasting about how you've just robbed a bank.

Here, you see, is just such a video. Its contents allegedly fit comfortably with the facts of a robbery at the Cornerstone Bank in Waco, Neb.

Indeed, the Associated Press reports that it was posted the very same day that Sabata was arrested on charges of stealing a car and robbing the bank.

In the video, a woman who looks very similar to other online images of Sabata offers potentially incriminating captions such as "I stole a car." She mentions that she took the license plates off.

This is as Green Day sings in the background: "Live without warning." Suddenly, the song changes to something about not needing authority. To go with this, the woman raises some words to the camera: "Then I robbed a bank."

Finally, she adds that assisting her were "a gun, a pillow case, and a note."

She does also seem to making something of a sociopolitical protest, claiming that she's a "victim of the government."

The local York News-Times adds portentously that the clothes the woman is wearing in the video happen to match those worn by the bank robber.

Sabata does have a page on deviantART. There she claims to live in "Hicktown Nebraska in a small, sinking home surrounded by many trees and broken-down cars."

She also offers some personal details, including that she can do the splits, has HIV, and has been to jail.

She also declares: "I get straight A's in school."

Then there's her favorite personal quote: "Don't make threats; just do it without warning so you won't get caught."

More than $6,000 was allegedly stolen in the robbery. Omaha.com reports that all but $30 has been recovered by the police.

What might the $30 have been spent on? Some Green Day downloads, perhaps.

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