TechRepublic readies IT community site

TechRepublic will debut a new site combining content, context, and community to execs with resources they need to keep abreast of technology that affects their businesses.

A new Internet community hub for the tech savvy is set to launch tomorrow.

TechRepublic will debut, which will combine content, context, and community to provide chief information officers, administrators, and trainers with resources they need to keep abreast of technology that affects their businesses, the company said.

"We want to become the Dominant IT community hub for the industry," Tom Cottingham, CEO and co-founder of TechRepublic, told CNET The site will provide "hard-core personalized content over the Internet" for the IT professional.

Cottingham founded in 1997. The company is privately owned and backed by venture capital from Boston Venture Management, Austin Ventures, Powershift Ventures Group, and Integral Capital Partners.

Cottingham said TechRepublic is the result of combining years of newsletter publishing experience with Internet-based relationship and community building.

The site will provide coverage of IT events, in addition to dedicated sections on upcoming trade shows, seminars, and conferences, and daily IT community news.

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