Technology aims to take the grainy out of cell phone video

If it's good enough for the army, it should be good enough for your phone, figures Motion DSP.

The company, which came out of research conducted at UC Santa Cruz, has created a system that enhances the resolution of grainy video, like those taken with a cell phone. The technology basically takes information from several low resolution frames and combines them intelligently to make a more viewable video.

Software and imaging chips for better video have been a growing business for the past few years. Video--both from consumers and security cameras-- is exploding, but a lot of it is blurry and finding something on video remains a primitive art. Some of the notable start-ups include NuCore (imaging chips for consumer SLR and video cameras), 3VR Security (a search engine for security camera video) and Pixim, (an imaging chip which captures better images in glare or low light).

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