Techies on the Forbes 400 list

Forbes magazine's latest list of the richest Americans continues to be a place for a good many high-tech sorts to hang their hats--and their wallets.

Although the name "Walton" shows up five times in the top 10, four of the first five places went to a who's who of tech luminaries: Gates, Allen, Dell and Ellison. For the complete Forbes 400 list and other features, click here.

Tech industry types in the Forbes 400 include the following, with their net worth and the source of their wealth.

1. Bill Gates, $51 billion, Microsoft
3. Paul Allen, $22 billion, Microsoft and investments
4. Michael Dell, $18 billion, Dell
5. Larry Ellison, $ 17 billion, Oracle
11. Steve Ballmer, $14 billion, Microsoft
16. Sergey Brin, $11 billion, Google
16. Larry Page, $11 billion, Google
18. Pierre Omidyar, $10.2 billion, eBay
42. Jeff Bezos, $4.8 billion, Amazon
52. Eric Schmidt, $4 billion, Google

67. Steve Jobs, $3.3 billion, Apple Computer, Pixar
73. David Filo, $3 billion, Yahoo
93. Jerry Yang, $2.5 billion, Yahoo
164. Mark Cuban, $ 1.8 billion,
164. Henry Samueli, $1.8 billion, Broadcom
181. Irwin Jacobs, $ 1.7 billion, Qualcomm
207. Meg Whitman, $1.5 billion, eBay
258. Barry Diller, $1.3 billion, InterActiveCorp
258. Richard Egan, $ 1.3 billion, EMC
258. Thomas Siebel, $1.3 billion, Siebel Systems

258. Ted Waitt, $1.3 billion, Gateway
320. Scott Cook, $1.1 billion, Intuit
320. Dave Duffield, $1.1 billion, PeopleSoft
346. Charles Simonyi, $1 billion, Microsoft
384. Steve Case, $900 million, America Online

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