Tech insiders book 'em

Technology and literature converge as a spate of books exposing the underbelly of Silicon Valley culture hits the shelves.

Technology and literature converge as a spate of books--ranging from an expose of Microsoft's inner sanctum, to an insider's account of Netscape's battle with Bill Gates, to a fictional thriller set on the campus of a Seattle software company--explore the underbelly of Silicon Valley.

New thriller based on Microsoft
It's the story of a Seattle software firm led by a power-minded billionaire, and it's not about Microsoft--it's about Megasoft.

Netscape book details browser war
Speeding the Net claims to offer the inside story of Netscape and how it challenged Microsoft.

Book index on Net only
Hard copies of Burn Rate, a new nonfiction book about the rise and fall of an Internet start-up, are missing an index. Instead, the book's index is only available on its Web site.

Microsoft pilloried in tell-all
Barbarians Led by Bill Gates delves into the strategies and blunders that have made Microsoft what it is today.

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