Tech firms rule Top 100 brand list

Technology-related companies take up more than one-third of the top 30 spots in Millward Brown Optimer's annual BrandZ Top 100 list.

Google still rules Millward Brown Optimor's annual BrandZ top 100 list, which annoints the world's most powerful brands based on financial performance and a global consumer-opinion survey.

Technology-related companies did especially well, taking more than one-third of the top 30 spots.

Millward Brown Optimer

No. 7 Apple was a big mover, increasing its brand value by 123 percent, and BlackBerry (from Research In Motion) increased 390 percent, positioned at No. 51. The staid IBM's brand value increased 65 percent, and, at No. 61, was up 93 percent.

Millward Brown Optimer

On the downside, No. 62 Yahoo took a 13 percent brand value hit. Microsoft, at No. 3, was up 29 percent, and No. 1 Google increased its brand value 30 percent year-over-year.

It's not clear whether hooking up with Microsoft will help burnish Yahoo's declining brand value as calculated by Millward Brown, but we may find out soon.

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