Teach your kids the price of transit with Dad's Cab

The Dad's Cab novelty taxi meter turns the family minivan into a revenue-generating venture.

Dad's Cab

From the moment I first got my driver's license, my parents were always willing to hand over their car keys. At some point I asked my mother why they were so laid back, when my other friends had to beg their parents just to drive the family minivan around the block. "Because I was sick of being a chauffeur," she replied.

I'll be honest: up until that point I hadn't thought about what a hassle it must have been to shuttle me to school, soccer practice, and band concerts--never mind the movies and friends' houses.

Don't let your kids be such ingrates with the Dad's Cab taxi meter. Just mount it to your dashboard with the included adhesive strips, then start racking up charges every time you drive your kids to the mall. Once they've arrived at their destination, hand the kids a "receipt" that details a method of payment: for example, "tidy your room" or "make dad a cup of tea." (In case you couldn't tell, the product is made in the U.K.)

Given today's exchange rate, Dad's Cab costs about 18 bucks--or, if you prefer, 4.5 gallons of gas.

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