Tea for two or just for you

This innovative teapot lets you enjoy full-flavored drinks without the mess.

Tea time! Adagio Teas

It's true that I love my coffee, but there's something truly comforting about a nice cup of tea. And while Lipton tea bags have their place, a real cup of tea starts with loose tea leaves--which means that sometimes, a real cup of tea ends in a mess.

The Adagio Teas IngenuiTEA teapot is convenient and easy to use and clean. Start by putting your tea leaves and hot water inside the pot. Unlike leaves in tea balls or bags, loose leaves can expand fully for more robust flavor. Steep your tea as you would normally.

Then--and this is the cool part--place the pot on top of your mug. That triggers a valve at the bottom of the pot to open, and the tea pours out into the cup. The mesh filter at the bottom of the pot keeps the leaves inside, so you can dump them, put the pot in the sink (or the dishwasher, natch), and enjoy your cup of goodness.

You can even microwave the pot if you don't want to boil water on the cooktop (or if you're at work with limited options). The pot holds 16 ounces, so you can invite a friend to join you, or savor a second cup yourself. At $15, the IngenuiTEA might make a nice holiday gift for someone on your list.

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