'Tango' video phone takes two

Packet8 claims it will work with any analog line


A mom will always want to see your smiling mug on Mother's Day, even if you've got a face that's perfect for radio. So, in addition to those ubiquitous digital photo frames that are taking over the world, we'll likely be seeing more products like the "Packet8 Tango" in the next couple of weeks.

This gadget, which we first saw at a CES preview in Vegas early this year, promises to turn any analog line into a video phone with a 5-inch LCD screen, according to Gearlog. It also includes a bunch of other features, including "videoconferencing, a 100-number phonebook, 180-degree rotating camera, built-in router, adjustable brightness and call logs."

All of which are sure to thoroughly confuse a good number of moms out there, bless their technophobic hearts.



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