Taking the Al Gore Rorschach test

Lots of virulent reactions to Charlie Cooper's later News.com column, titled "Rating Al Gore's tech cred."

One of my closest friends in the entire world is convinced Al Gore is full of it.

Like a lot of News.com readers who have reacted to the Nobel Prize announcement, he doesn't believe Gore deserves the award. I should add that my super-skeptical buddy--no names here or he'll come after me with a rolling pin--also dismisses the arguments seeking to prove the existence of global warming as warmed-over pseudo-science. He just doesn't believe the available evidence makes for a strong case.

Perhaps it's only circumstance that he hails from the computer industry. Then again, maybe not.

News.com attracts a fair number of folks who I like to call the "civilians,"--the non-geek crowd. But technology types still make up the heart of our audience. So it was that I've been inundated with private e-mails (in addition to the public TalkBack postings) responding to my column earlier today on "Al Gore's tech cred." Although hardly a scientific sample, most of the folks who've bothered to write in think Gore's all wet and I'm a clueless dolt for lending any credence to his argument. Maybe that doesn't represent the silent majority out there--or at least I hope not because the level of vitriol is off the charts.

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