Taking a kitchen sink approach to Scions at SEMA

Scion's booth at the SEMA Show is usually jam-packed with some of the craziest cars at the show. 2009 was no exception.

This custom Scion at the 2009 SEMA Show was hard to miss.
Antuan Goodwin/CNET

Last year, Scion's booth at the SEMA Show was jam-packed with some of the craziest cars at the show . 2009 saw the continuation of that grand tradition.

This year, Scion brought out an xB with a built-in kitchen (sink and all!), another with its own dancefloor, and yet another that had been stretched into a pickup toting a matching custom scooter. Scion's other models also got some modding love in the form of a rally-prepped xD and a loud-and-low tC that seemed to have forgotten its roof.

Check out some of the wildest Scions of 2009 in our gallery.

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