Take your 'Lost' fandom a step further with Dharma food labels

Not gadgets, but totally craveable.

Insanely Great Tees

Okay, who here thought last Wednesday night's episode of Lost absolutely owned the six previous episodes of Season 3? And who here can't wait until this coming Wednesday for the next installment? (Who does Desmond think is going to die!?!) Well, now I'm looking forward to the next episode even more, since a bunch of very creative people over at Insanely Great Tees have put up a visual tutorial of a way for you to turn ordinary food into Dharma Initiative rations. You know, like the ones found in the hatch that got blown up at the end of Season 2.

So far, they've only made a printable .pdf for the Dharma Initiative beer labels, but judging by the comments these guys have been getting, they'll need to add a few more to the lineup--like their potato chips, soda, and of course peanut butter labels. You think maybe they could expand their offerings to include Apollo logos for my favorite chocolate bars?

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. You know, gadgets.

(Insanely Great Tees via Notcot.org.)

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