Take back your yard like Dirty Harry

If you have lawn vermin, let this ultrasonic gun can make your day.


Let's say you have a backyard rodent issue. A big one. So big that you can't watch Caddyshack anymore without getting a tic.

The "Mega-Sonic Scatter-Cat" device supposedly "repels dog, cats, squirrels and other nuisance animals without harming them," according to Pocket-lint, using sonic and ultrasonic waves instead of buckshot. But who are we kidding here? Rather than something like the passively situated " Solar Chaser ," the real reason to get one of these is to pretend you're aiming Harry Callahan's .44-magnum at the dastardly four-legged vermin up to 65 feet away.

In a perfect world, perhaps this technology will be developed for bi-pedal pests as well.


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