'Tailgating Trailer' for the ultimate gamer

Portable system includes LCD, generator, beer on tap and a toilet.

Gameday Customs

With football season in full swing we're witnessing the annual migration of that heartiest of parking-lot breeds, the tailgaters. Little did we know, however, that their work has been elevated to an art form.

While amateurs toil with such tools as MP3 coolers and barbecues, an elite corps will be rolling out the "Tailgating Trailer"--a self-contained portable party apparatus that includes "a 27-inch LCD TV, satellite, DVD, generator, propane grill, hand-washing sink with running water, beer on tap and even a toilet," according to BornRich. (Microwave is optional.)

As much as we admire its ambition, the ridiculous price of this rumpus room on wheels make us wonder about one thing. If you had $13,900 to burn on one of these contraptions, wouldn't you rather get a catered luxury box instead?

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