Tag Heuer phone may finally be near

Purportedly leaked photos are circulating.

Tag Heuer has been threatening for months to get into the mobile handset game, even hinting about a branded watch phone. (Actually make that years, not months--the company's timetable for such a product began in 2004.)

The watchmaker may finally be preparing to make good on its protracted promise, as purported images of its new phone were posted on Le Journal Du Geek and are making their way across the blog circuit. The handset is reportedly named the "Meridiist" and comes with optional crocodile skin, which may be the most noteworthy aspect of the phone other than its price range of $5,300 to $6,100, according to Gizmodo. At those prices, the rest of its specs--1.9-inch QVGA screen, 2-megapixel camera, audio and video playpack--are unremarkable at best, though it does supposedly have seven hours of talk time. We were holding out for the Dicky Tracy watch anyway.

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