Tablets with the best battery life

Let's take a moment to celebrate the current top longest-lasting tablets.


No spec -- no matter how appealing -- should ever be viewed in a vacuum, and the decision to actually commit your time and money to a consumer electronics investment will hopefully have been informed by a multitude of factors.

From design to features; performance to comfort, it's always best to inject your brain with all aspects of a product, swirl them around a bit and wait to see which ones rise to the top for you.

Having said that, battery life is the one metric that truly affects all other aspects of a tablet's functionality. Let's be real: if you run out of battery life, there's not much you can do with a dead slate.

So, I've compiled a list of the tablets -- culled from a collection of many more -- that lasted the longest during CNET Labs' tests. Before the test is run we put the tablet into Airplane mode and adjust the brightness down to about 150 candelas per square meter. We then run a looped 720p version of "Toy Story 3" and track how long it takes until the tablet's battery dies.

Not every tablet on this list is a thing I'd recommend you buy -- at least not without a few caveats -- but at the very least, each will easily facilitate binge-watching of at least half a season of most TV shows. As barometers go, that one feels especially apt given the subject matter.

Great battery life and a waterproof build makes the Xperia Z2 tablet a unique package. Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Sony Xperia Z2

Anyone who needs a device with a little extra durability, but doesn't want to compromise on sleek construction needs to look no further than the Sony Xperia Z2 tablet. Its waterproof build, 13-hour battery life, and super-slim design make it an anomalous commodity in the tablet world, and it even comes in an LTE-capable edition. Read the full review.

Though it's due for a refresh soon, the Apple iPad is still a performance powerhouse. Josh Miller/CNET

Apple iPad Air

At one time, the Apple iPad was the best tablet in every category. Now, the tablet competition is fiercer than ever, causing the popular iPad to slip in the rankings. With a 13.2-hour battery life, it's lost its position at the top, but still high on the charts -- and in the hearts of Apple fanboys everywhere. Read the full review.

The Galaxy Tab S wouldn't be the best movie-watching tablet without an enduring battery life to back it. James Martin/CNET

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 and 10.5

Whether you're obsessively binge-watching television shows or marveling at the graphics of this summer's latest blockbuster rental, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S is the ideal slate to do it all with. Rocking a gorgeous pixel-packed screen and hefty battery life for enjoying it all, the 10.5-inch model offers a whopping 13.4-hour battery life, while the smaller -- still impressive -- model boasts a 12.1-hour battery life. Read the full review.

The Lenovo Yoga 8 boasts a clever design and long battery life. James Martin/CNET

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8

The Yoga 8 isn't a great tablet, but thanks to its 14.2-hour battery life, it makes what would have otherwise been a tablet best left ignored into something worth talking about. The 8-incher features a built-in stand that's tucked into its rounded spine, which makes holding it easy like a paperback book. Its bare-bones user interface is only ideal for very casual use, yet with its long battery life, you can also casually go without charging it for a few days. Read the full review.

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