Tablet Tuesday: Get a Kindle Fire HDX 4G LTE tablet for $229

For the same price as the Wi-Fi-only model, you can enjoy 4G service from AT&T or Verizon. Plus: two bonus deals!


I'm just going to come out and say it (again): I consider the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX the Rolls Royce of tablets. The 7-inch model has been my preferred travel companion for nearly a year, for reasons I'll explain shortly.

For now, this: Today only, Amazon has the Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch tablet (16GB) with 4G LTE for $229 shipped. That's a full $100 off the regular price, and exactly what you'd normally pay for the Wi-Fi-only version. (The 32GB and 64GB models are on sale as well for $269 and $309.)

Don't want "Special Offers" ads on your lock screen? That's silly, if you ask me -- you see the lock screen for, what, a second before swiping past it? And sometimes the deals are exclusives. Occasionally they're awesome. In any case, you can pay an extra $15 to remove them, either now or later.

Anyway, 7-inch tablets equipped with 4G are few and far between. Given the ubiquity of Wi-Fi these days, I'm not sure it's something many people need -- but it's certainly nice to have the option. If you're already an AT&T or Verizon subscriber, you may be able to add the Kindle for relatively cheap. Otherwise, plans appear to start at $15 and $30, respectively. The good news is there's no contract required, so you should be able to start and stop service as needed.

As I noted above, I seriously dig the HDX. Just as Amazon intended, it's awesome for consuming content like books, music, movies, and magazines. As a Prime subscriber, I especially love being able to download movies and TV shows for offline viewing, like when I'm on a long flight.

I'm also totally ape for Amazon's X-Ray feature: When I'm dying to figure out where I recognize that actor from, I just pause the playback for an instant pop-up playbill of who's onscreen.

I've seen the Wi-Fi HDX dip below $200, but it's rare to see deals on the 4G model. If you've been waiting on a tablet that can stay connected pretty much anywhere you go, hop on this sale before it's over.

Bonus deal: Game time! Newegg has followed up yesterday's awesome Borderlands deal with an even more awesome deal: BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite for $10.70 when you apply coupon code EMCPCHH99 at checkout. These are among my all-time favorite games, and they're a steal at this price. Note that all three require a Steam account for download and installation.

Humble Bundle

Bonus deal No. 2: Just can't wait for "The Walking Dead" to return to TV? Why not pass the time by reading the comic-book series that started it all? Humble Bundle's The Walking Dead bundle lets you pay what you want for four comic collections: The Walking Dead, Vol. 1 (issues 1-6); Ghosted, Vol. 1; Invincible, Vol. 1; and Witch Doctor, Vol. 1. Beat the average (currently $10.45) to unlock tons more. And there are higher tiers that can net you a T-shirt and even an action figure. As always, some proceeds go to charity. The comics are all DRM-free and available in a variety of formats.

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