T-Mobile's G1 now unlockable

The Android community finally figures out a way to use the G1 on other GSM networks.

Android Community

So let's say you want the fancy G1, the T-Mobile phone that runs Android, the Google OS, but you don't want to use it on T-Mobile. Let's say you wanted to use it on AT&T. We have good news for you.

The G1 has finally been unlocked. For $22.99, you can send in your IMEI number to unlock-tmobileg1.com, which then returns an unlock code for you to enter. Once done, you can use the much-talked-about smartphone on any GSM network.

It's pricier than most GSM unlocks, which usually go for between $10 and $15, but it's far easier and less risky than the unlock methods employed by iPhone owners.

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