T-Mobile's 665 makes calls and not much else

The prepaid handset for T-Mobile has a simple flip-phone design and basic calling features with a few extras.

T-Mobile 665
T-Mobile 665 has just the basics. T-Mobile

It's not a shock when a prepaid phone doesn't offer much, but the new T-Mobile 665 takes simplicity to an extreme. With a simple flip design and only the basic features, its focus is on what a phone should do.

Clad in a muted gray color and resembling a skipping stone, the slim T665 has rounded edges and few distractions. The vertical external display is straight out of 2007, but it shows the usual information like the time and caller ID. Inside below the 1.7-inch, 262,000-color display is an extra-large keypad for easy dialing and texting.

Features include a 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, an FM radio, a speakerphone, a simple media player, a personal organizer, and a microSD slot for cards up to 8GB.

The 655 is $49 for T-Mobile's prepaid service.

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