T-Mobile to host showcase event October 29

T-Mobile's event becomes the day's third major mobile device happening.


Now that T-Mobile has announced plans to host its showcase event , it looks like Monday, October 29, will be a really big day for mobile news. Not only will T-Mobile be switching on its PR machine into overdrive, both Google and Microsoft are hosting major press conferences.

Indeed, this is the same day Microsoft is expected to unveil all the details of Windows Phone 8 in San Francisco. Google has also chosen the Monday to invite technology journalists for a sitdown in New York . The rumor is Google will unveil the latest version of Android, Key Lime Pie perhaps, and even a few shiny new Nexus devices on which to tout it.

As for T-Mobile's shindig, I'm a bit less certain what the carrier has up its sleeve. I do think that the evening event is suspiciously timed for well after Microsoft's big WP8 demonstration, so it's a good bet it will be about new Windows Phone handsets such as the HTC Windows Phone 8X. Perhaps I'll even get a chance to play with the whole operating system this time instead of being forced not to stray from the home screen.

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