T-Mobile offers Micro SIM cards for iPhones

Carrier has made it easier for AT&T iPhone 4 users to bring over their device to its wireless network. The offer comes at the same time AT&T is attempting to acquire T-Mobile.

T-Mobile USA began selling a Micro SIM card today, necessary for people who want to bring their iPhones or iPads over to its network.

T-Mobile's Micro SIM card. T-Mobile USA

It's an awkward offer as T-Mobile is openly encouraging iPhone customers--of the AT&T variety, and not Verizon Wireless--to switch carriers. At the same time, AT&T is attempting to acquire T-Mobile in a deal that would create the nation's largest wireless provider.

T-Mobile lists the Micro SIM card on its Web site, and is selling it for $9.99 or giving it away with a two-year contract. Next to the photo, T-Mobile asks, "Already have a GSM phone or iPhone that you need to activate--or have an unlocked GSM phone you want to use on the T-Mobile network? Just get a Micro SIM card and choose a plan."

The Micro SIM cards are currently used by only the iPhone 4 and iPad tablets.

While AT&T and T-Mobile use the same wireless technology, GSM, the companies use different frequencies for 3G, so a person using an AT&T iPhone could only get 2G service on T-Mobile.

Still, 9to5Mac reported last month that T-Mobile has more than 1 million iPhones operating on its network in the U.S. The site said a majority were models before the iPhone 4, which use a standard SIM card, but said that some customers had taken to cutting their own Micro SIM card.

The possibility of a T-Mobile iPhone has been bandied about, but the company hasn't commented on the prospects. AT&T said that T-Mobile customers would eventually get access to the iPhone if the merger is approved.

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