T-Mobile holiday gift: Aggressive unlimited prepaid plans

As it gears up for the holiday rush, T-Mobile gets aggressive with new prepaid pricing, T-Mobile Complete.

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T-Mobile on Friday rolled out a new unlimited prepaid program called T-Mobile Complete. It's actually a pretty sweet deal: unlimited minutes and unlimited texting for as little as $50 a month. It also gets you a Samsung T239 flip phone at $59.99 or the T229 slider at $79.99, which isn't bad.

But then it gets a little more complex. At $149 you can have the Samsung Gravity, a full-QWERTY slider. But your plan would be $60, presumably because you'd be texting a lot more with the full keyboard than you would with a T9 phone. OK, we can see that.

Or you can go all-in and pay $299 (!?) for a Blackberry Curve 8520. Your monthly plan would be $80 a month, but would include unlimited 3G Web access and e-mail, so it's actually a fairly decent deal in the end.

The only weird part about these new plans is that they're only available with the purchase of one of these handsets--there's no BYO phone option. And you can't buy the phones online or even at a T-Mobile store. To get these deals you have to buy from Best Buy or Wal-Mart. We aren't sure why.

These Complete prepaid plans nicely complement the Even More and Even More Plus plans that T-Mobile launched last month about this time. Now T-Mobile is offering aggressive unlimited pricing on both the traditional and prepaid fronts. And as we go into the holiday shopping frenzy the timing couldn't be better.

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