T-Mobile gearing up for big event on March 26

T-Mobile plans to shake up the way it does business.


Judging from a T-Mobile press conference invite that just crossed our desks, the carrier apparently has big changes in store. Scheduled for 11 a.m. ET in New York, the March 26 event will supposedly demonstrate the wireless provider's intentions to not act like a typical "wireless company."

While that's not a lot of info to go on, I'm betting this indicates T-Mobile's imminent transition to a completely no-contract carrier. Rumors have already surfaced that the carrier will ditch all subsidies on its phones soon, as early as March 24.

Additionally, reports assert that T-Mobile will time its move to a new business model with the creation of a hybrid 4G LTE and 42Mbps GSM network. The company is already rolling out software updates to Samsung Galaxy Note 2 devices, which enables support for 4G LTE.

Also nice, the cellular infrastructure will likely operate on the 1,900MHz band, meaning unlocked global GSM handsets, or those originally made to surf on AT&T's airwaves, stand a better chance to operate via T-Mobile.

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