T-Mobile expands $50 unlimited voice plan

T-Mobile is offering its $50 unlimited voice plan to customers nationwide.

T-Mobile is being a bit cagey on the subject, but everyone else is saying that the carrier is expanding its $50-per-month unlimited voice plan. It will now be available on a nationwide basis for customers who have been with T-Mobile 22 months or longer.

Launched just two weeks ago , the plan originally was available to San Francisco customers only. T-Mobile has yet to make a formal statement acknowledging the expansion, and a carrier spokesman wouldn't confirm the move with RCR Wireless News, but two of the publication's reporters were able to sign up for the plan in different locations.

The $50 price point matches a similar plan that Boost Mobile announced in January. Yet, T-Mobile customers will be able to combine the voice offering with an unlimited data and text plan that runs just $35 per month.

The combined $85 per month cost for both unlimited voice and data would make T-Mobile the most affordable national carrier. Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and Sprint also offer unlimited packages, but their services start at $99 per month.

RCR Wireless News is also reporting that as part of the T-Mobile deal, customers can add additional lines for $40 per month per line, and they can claim a $135 credit for bringing a new customer from a different carrier to their family plan.

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