System guarantees a 'light' sleep

Therapy to fix Circadian rhythms

Discovery Communications

We've seen a few blue-light devices that are supposed to help us sleep (and myriad other types designed to keep us awake), but this is the first one we've seen that looks like a Popsicle. That aside, we do find the blue glow rather soothing. But we're not so sure about this "Circadian" business--isn't that some kind of grasshopper?

Anyway, Discovery says the recalibration of the body's Circadian rhythm is key to the success of the "TwiLight Mini Ultra Blue Light Therapy Sleep System." Just turn it on 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime and say goodbye to Insomniac Music Theater forever, supposedly. It stays cool too, so it's safe for kids as well.

It kind of sounds like a nightlight for sleepwalkers. We'll save our $90 and read our employee handbook instead.

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