Synthetic turf golf course

Is the golf world ready for turf?

In the past five years artificial turf has benefited from new technology using rubber compounds and synthetic fibers to create some very realistic turf. This new turf is now finding its way onto golf courses. This new synthetic turf not only saves money by eliminating the use of water and fertilizers, it does not get affected by disease or weather conditions.

In Australia, by the Great Barrier Reef, the drought-plagued city of Rockhampton has begun construction on the world's first 18-hole synthetic golf course at Zilzie Bay on the Capricorn Coast. The par 70 Reef Palms course on the doorstep to the reef will feature 18 fully synthetic greens and surrounds and 18 synthetic tee boxes.

Golfers will be able to play the course in perfect condition every day regardless of the time of year or the weather. A number of the world's best golfers have synthetic greens built in their homes to practice on during breaks from the PGA Tour.

Just think, the 2020 U.S. Open may one day be played on a Synthetic Golf Course. The golf gods will surely revolt, but with maintenance budgets in excess of a million dollars a year at many golf courses, this may be the sign of things to come.

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    Dave Phillips is one of the founders of the Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside, California; he is Class A member of the PGA of America and has devoted the past 18 years to becoming a world-class instructor. He has his own television show on the golf channel, Golf Fitness Academy, and is regularly featured as a writer in several major golf and sports publications as well as on his site When he is not working at the Titleist Performance Institute, Phillips lectures around the world on golf-specific fitness and sports technology.


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